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You can find the storybook here: A Brother's Bond

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  1. Hello Isha! I came across your page and thought your storybook was super interesting! I absolutely am obsessed with The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, and I am super invested in the characters and their relationships with one another. I think it is such a unique topic in how it compares and makes connections of the bonds between brothers in both of the shows as well as the relationships throughout the Indian Epics. I am super excited to see what you will write. I will be keeping up with it. :)

  2. Hi Isha.
    I just read your introduction and first story, and I thought it was a cool interpretation of the stories we read. I like how you decided to combine themes from both the Ramayana and the Mahabharata as it allows you to have plenty of inspiration to pull from. I also like how you decided to focus on the relationship between brothers as this is definitely a very powerful relationship that is explored extensively in the epics we have read. I also was not familiar with The vampire Diaries or The Originals, but I thought you did a good job explaining what they were in your introduction. I was a little confused in the story about how Damon was able to sneak up behind Klaus without Klaus noticing. But that was really the only thing I noticed. I am excited to see what you will write next as you have chosen a very interesting topic.

  3. Hi Isha,
    So, I've never seen the Vampire Diaries, or The Originals, but after reading through your introduction I got a better grasp of what the original plot was about, along with the main characters personalities. I also read your first story and am able to tell you derived it from the Ramayana. The way you have Damon portray Rama is awesome in my opinion, because for my story I also decided to play a little Ramayana ideals in my project. Do you want to create your own stories around the ideas of the Ramayana though, or do you plan to incorporate the Mahabharata in your project story as well? I think it would be awesome for a third story to think up a story that's told from the shoes of the Pandava's point of view. I think it looks great so far though Isha. Good work and great topic.

  4. Hi Isha,
    Oh my, I love the Vampire Diaries you had me hooked as soon as I saw the name Damon! I really appreciate the accuracy. I also appreciate that I can tell you are team Damon! Klaus always was a great villain. I like that you stayed true to his character. Great detail with the wooden stake. I felt like you stayed true to the episodes of the Vampire Diaries as well. Almost every episode ends with Elena barely escaping a life or death situation. In your story you did a great job making the reader feel the pressure and gravity of the situation of the television show. I find the dialogue a little bit unclear. I think the story is coming from Stefan’s point of view but if a reader was unfamiliar with the Vampire Diaries that might be a little hard to put together. Maybe add a note at the beginning about the point of view of the story

  5. Hi Isha!
    I love how you incorporated the Vampire Diaries into your stories, that is one of my absolute favorite TV shows! I think I remember reading some of your stories in the very beginning of class over the vampire diaries and it is cool to see how you have improved them! Your stories made me feel on the edge of my seat and you did a great job of making the reader feel like they were in the story as well. I also liked how you would use all caps to show some extra emotion in their words. I have not thought of using that to make more of an impact yet so I will try it as well! I am excited to keep up with your stories because I am a sucker for the Vampire Diaries and your style of writing and the amazing aesthetic of your website!

  6. Hey Isha,
    I am from the Mythology & Folklore section and I wanted to say first off that I really like the way your project looks. I think my favorite story was The Quarry and I actually looked at it before your introduction and noticed you were using aspects of Vampire Diaries. I do think alot of aspects from Ramanyana and Vampire diaries coincide, I wish I had thought of that when I took Indian Epics. This week we are focusing on authors note for our feedback and I can say you did a really good job with each of yours. On "The Quarry" I really liked how you explained the speed runnign for those whom have never seen the show because it definitely would allow them a better understanding of your story. I think you did a good job focusing on the brotherhood theme and your note helped me to look for that. On your story "The French Quarter" the same can be said, I feel as if your authors note adequately breaks down the different aspects you added to the story. One suggestion I may give is aesthetically, making your authors note a collapsible text is a neat feature to have and add to your project. Other than that your project looks really good, keep up the nice work!

  7. Hello Isha,

    The first thing I noticed was the professional look of your pages.I loved the hues you used and the statue image really stood out. This is good because it means you were able to attract attention to your page and make the reader curious and excited to read your story.I think the author's note you provided was really beneficial and explained/broke down your storyline well. I also have recently taken up watching vampire diaries and I love that you made your page relatable to the audience because I was really excited to read that part of the story. I would focus on spelling and grammar because you did have some spelling errors for example in the first story you put ouer instead of our but I think besides these minor mistakes you did a really good job!

  8. Hi Isha,

    Omg I loved your introduction I thought your idea to connect the Ramayana to a TV show that you enjoy! I think your writing was very clear! I would maybe include some photos throughout the story to help with the imagery. The photos you included of the locations at the top of the page is super helpful to visualize the scenery! But I would maybe put a couple throughout to breakout the flow of the story and help visualize more! I also love how this read kind of as an episode of a TV show. I don't know how you made the connection of the similarities but I totally would not have thought of that! I am so interested to see what your third location and story will be! I love how you thought of the relationship between Ravana and his brother in a villain and still a bad guy but less villainous! I think this dynamic is so under appreciated in shows, so I love that you played that up a bit!

  9. Hey Isha,

    I love the intense moment that you brought in with your story. Everything was so good the way it is. I have seen a few episode of Vampire's Diaries and quickly realized that you took the inspiration from that TV shows. I am not familiar with the show, but the way you used it for your story sound like it was well fitted. This is probably the first time I heard a story that emphasized brotherhood. He would truly would do anything for his brother. I want to read more of your story and see how the end of the story will turn out. It sounds very exciting. As for the author's not, it was very detailed and lack nothing. You explained the story and the flow went with the story above. Great job on that. I wonder what it would be like if the story continue, maybe one day you will write more about it.

  10. Hi Isha! I enjoyed reading your introduction and was looking forward to reading your storybook as it focused on “brothers”. As I read in the introduction, I was excited to see how you incorporated “The Vampire Diaries” and “The Originals”. In “The Quarry” I liked how you portrayed each character perfectly to one of the show characters. I think it brings such a nice perspective to the story and allows the reader to better understand with a modern-day version. I feel like many shows relate to one another in some way, and you have shown that the Ramayana and even TV shows from this day and age can relate in some way. I like how you instead focused on the “brotherhood” theme of the story, because the love triangle didn’t necessarily pertain to the Ramayana. In the “French Quarter”, I enjoyed the use of dialogues – gives so much personality – and it made me feel like I am also a part of the story! Well done!


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